Second Italian Smell & Taste Course

Attingo dissection course 

First Italian Smell & Taste Course


We are proud to present you the second Italian Smell and Taste course. Our aim is to show up Smell and Taste in a pragmatic and stimulating two days course rich of propaedeutic lectures, practical courses and demonstrations. The course in focused on both theory and practice in order to show you how to manage with smell disorder. 

A dissection of the olfactory cleft will be performed, the participants of the course are going to have the chance to per-formed endoscopy examination, olfactory tests, trigeminal test, ques-tionnaires & QoL, olfactometry, gustometry, nasal airflow, nasal cytolo-gy, taste test and retronasal test. 

Furthermore, the meeting has been conceived to be a discussion forum of questions related to clinical problems around management of smell and taste pathology and to focus on therapy and future strategy. 

Last, not least, the meeting is meant to build or to strengthen networks among the community of clinicians. 

Paolo Castelnuovo
Alberto Macchi
Thomas Hummel


The course is limited to 50 partecipants, the registration must be done online before 02.09.2018 at

Regular Rate: € 500,00 (+ VAT 22%) before 08.07.2018
Regular Rate after 09.07.2018: € 700,00 (+ VAT 22%)

Rate for IAR/AICNA members, 20% discount
Rate Residents: € 250,00 (+ VAT 22%) before 30.06.2018


Registration Fee includes:
- Participation to the two days congress
- Congress Kit
- Certificate of Attendance
- ECM certificate if succeeded
- n° 2 Coffee Breaks
- n°1 Lunch

Gala Dinner that will be held on 03.10.2018 € 55,00 + vat

Payment must be done by wire transfer before 02.09.2018 to:

IBAN IT11E0521610801000000000332
Credito Valtellinese
Indicating: Family name - 2ndsmell&taste2018

Organizing Secretariat:


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +39 0332 31.86.41
Fax: +
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P. Castelnuovo - Varese
T. Hummel - Dresden
A. Macchi - Varese
A. Armone Caruso - Naples
P. Battaglia - Varese
E. Cantone - Naples
S. Gallo - Varese
J. Gellrich - Dresden
B. Landis - Gèneve
M. Mauri - Varese
C. Pipolo - Milan
A. Pistochini - Varese
D. Locatelli - Varese
E. Sica - Varese


Programme at a glance:

2018 October 3rd, Wednesday

8.30 Registration and accommodation
9.00 Welcome - A. Macchi, P. Castelnuovo
9.15 Smell–general olfaction: what else? - T. Hummel  
10.15: Taste and MRI: map of the taste - E. Cantone 
11.15 Cofee Break
11.30 Smell and Surgery: dissection of the olfactory area - P. Castelnuovo 
12.00 Taste assessment - B. Landis 
12.30 Isolation of putative stemm cells present in human adult olfactory mucosa - P. Battaglia 
13.00 Lunch Symposia: alpha lipoic acid and smell - A. Macchi
14:00/19:00 Course:
      - Endoscopy examination, biopsies - A. Pistochini 
      - Olfactory tests, trigeminal - J. Gellrich
      - Questionnaires, QoL C. - E. Sica
      - Olfactometry, gustometry - T. Hummel 
      - Nasal airflow - S. Gallo 
      - Nasal cytology - A. Macchi 
      - Taste test, retronasal test - B. Landis 


2018 October 4th, Thursday 

8.30 Registration
8.45 Smell and taste in Kallmann syndrome - E. Cantone  
9.00 Neurological pathology and smell - M. Mauri
9.15 Nasal flow simulation - C. Pipolo
9.30 Nasal and salivar Ph: modification in smell and taste - A. Armone Caruso
9.45 TAS2R38 taste receptor gene and chronic rhinosinusitis: a bitter ending - S. Gallo 
10.00 The role of Neurosurgery - D. Locatelli
10.15 Pediatrics smell test - J. Gellrich 
10.45 Coffee Break
11.00 Post-traumatic olfactory loss - G. Ottaviano  
11.20 Smell and steroid therapy - A. Macchi 
11.40 Surgical Therapy - P. Castelnuovo 
12.10 What is new on therapy? - T. Hummel 
12.30 Round table on therapy - P. Castelnuovo - J. Gellrich - T. Hummel - B. Landis - A. Macchi
13.00 Final remarks and take home message - A. Macchi 



Please contact the Organizing Secretariat and visit the Varese Turismo website


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