Scientific activity

  1. Hands-on courses
    The hands-on courses allow the participants to refresh their knowledge of sinonasal surgical anatomy by performing various endoscopic endonasal procedures on fresh anatomical specimens.

  2. Workshop
    Endoscopic nasal surgery is a quickly developing technique that requires to the Clinicians periodical updates. Workshops are dedicated to ENT, maxillo-facial and neurosurgeons, (specialists and residents) who are keen to pursue or delve into the learning of mininvasive endoscopic nasal surgical techniques.

  3. Calendar events
    Recent events about ATTINGO .

  4. Past editions
    ATTINGO archived courses.

  5. Departmental courses
    Our Hospital provides many departmental courses during the year.

  6. Improvers courses
    Improvers courses organized in cooperation with University of Insubria.