Anatomical Lab

Head & Neck & Forensic Dissection Research Center (HNS & FDRc) 

The Varese Otirhinolaringology Clinic, thanks to Attingo Scientific Association, Insubria University and Ospedale di Circolo - ASST Sette-Laghi, Varese has developed an advanced training program for surgeons in the field of Otorhinolaryngology, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery and Maxillo-Facial Surgery.
Every stationment of the Lab is equipped by a Full-HD monitor, a Storz camera and two angled Storz endoscopes (0° and 45°), a shaver with curved and straight blades, a drill-cut with curved mills and a straight endonasal diamond-headed drill. Diode lasers and neuronavigation system are also available.
All emplacements have a video-recording system that can be used by attendees to store their surgical experience and they also can take photographs that can be saved on USB storage devices. All attendees have at their disposal advanced and high skilled surgical instruments dedicated to endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery.
At the same Lab neck and salivary glands dissection courses were orgainzed, as well as courses on tracheotomy techniques, which showed to be interesting also for anesthesiologists.
Recently a newly designed course was established about middle and posterior cranial fossa surgical approaches. During this course, in addition to surgical instruments, also microscopes and neuronavigation systems are available.