8th Milano Masterclass, Expo Edition

Attingo dissection course

8th Milano Masterclass - Expo Edition
1° Segment: Sinonasal, Skull Base & Orbit - Endoscopic Surgery
2° Segment: Rhinoplasty - The Matrix Reloaded


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Since its inception, MiMa has tought us to visualize the future of endoscopic surgery of the sinuses and skull base, and to strive for excellence in everything that we do. EndoMiMa 2015 will keep navigating the frontiers of these fascinating surgeries. Come and join us!
Prof. Paolo Castelnuovo 

MiMa Rhinoplasty 2015 has been designed to shake up conventional and dogmatic schemes in rhinoplasty, and encourage innovative thinking in nasal plastic surgery. Tailor-made, patient-centred rhinoplastic surgery remains paramount. You can't miss it!
Prof. Pietro Palma

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