Varese, Workshop, Basic Course English 08-10 April 2013

Attingo dissection course

The modern sinonasal surgery

Workshop course In the past years endoscopic endonasal techniques have undergone significant advances. Indeed, it is now possible to say that the nose and paranasal sinuses have changed from just a potential site of various diseases to a natural surgical corridor toward hidden and deeper anatomical structures. Furthermore, the ability to resect and reconstruct skull base defects has dramatically improved, thus making endoscopic techniques a valuable tool for skull base surgeons. Given the ever expanding surgical possibilities, a continuous improvement of anatomical knowledge is mandatory. However, to think that the apex has already been reached would be erroneous. For this reason, we have designed a course specifically dedicated to advanced anatomy around the nose, including intraorbital and infratemporal endoscopic anatomy. The “traditional” endoscopic approach to the ventral skull base (transcribriform, transsphenoidal and transclival windows) will be integrated with recent advancements in intraorbital and infra temporal fossa anatomy. Our goal is to produce a holistic vision of the different surgical windows made possible using the nasal corridor. Anatomical and radiological lectures, intensive anatomical dissection under strict supervision and clinical cases discussion represent the key points of this advanced yet practical course. A movie-guided dissection perfectly represents our didactic philosophy based on a “step-by-step” approach. The face-to-face relationship between the faculty and participants makes this course an important starting point for all specialists who want to explore the fascinating field of endoscopic skull base surgery. The new anatomic training centre offers an ideal site for this experience. While the task may be challenging, it is extremely exciting. We hope that participants will help us to reach our goal.

Prof. Paolo Castelnuovo


The course is limited to 12 participants.

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C. Facco Dept. of Histopathology Varese
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M.L. Tanda Dept. of Endocrinology Varese
P. Terranova Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology Varese
G. Tomei Dept. of Neurological Surgery Varese

Course program


07:00 – Registration of participants

07:15 – Surgical anatomy of the sinonasal complex

08:15 – Clinical case presentation

08:30 – Live surgery & debate

13:00 – LUNCH

13:45 – Live surgery & debate

15:30 – Imaging: what rhinologists must know

16:00 – Getting oriented into the infective aspects of rhinosinusitis


16:45 – Medical and surgical treatment of inflammatory disease

17:30 – Longitudinal management of CRS with or without nasal polyps

18:00 – Is septoplasty really trivial? Aesthetic implications in nasal septum surgery

18:30 – Panel discussion


07:15 – Personalized surgical training

08:15 – Clinical case presentation

08:30 – Live surgery & debate

13:00 – LUNCH

13:45 – Live surgery & debate

15:30 – Sinusal mucoceles, pneumosinus dilatans & silent sinus sydrome

16:00 – Treatment of sinonasal mycosis

16:15 – New technologies in sinonasal surgery


16:45 – Pediatric sinonasal inflammatory disease: role of the pediatrician

17:15 – Pediatric Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (PESS)

17:45 – Inverted papilloma and FOLs

18:15 – Panel discussion


07:15 – Diagnosis and management of surgical complications

08:15 – Clinical case presentation

08:30 – Live surgery & debate

13:00 – LUNCH

13:45 – Live surgery & debate

15:30 – Olfaction: diagnosis and preservation

16:00 – Postoperative care and follow-up

16:30 – Bleeding control

16:50 – Panel discussion and filling of the CME test

17:00 – Take-home message & closing remarks

Changes in the Program may take place


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